Wave machine

For Lothian, Infinity Waves is the brand of choice in stationary waves. The machines are built using the most recent techniques, which make them absolute top attractions in artificial surfing.

What it is

The wave machine:

  • uses powerful underwater turbines

  • to produce a light layer of water

  • on a cushioned sloping surface

which creates an artificial wave; on which you can glide, using a surf- or wakeboard.

For who it is

This concept is appealing to a big audience based on:

  • experience; from newcomers to experts

  • frequency; one-time or returning (practicing) users

  • age; a big variety of age can make use of it

  • discipline; surfers, and also skateboarders, wakeboarders and snowboarders.


In-house engineering and production means an Infinity Wave for every in- or outdoor situation:

  • Splash and Big Splash: add to existing pools

  • Surface and Big Surface: in existing pools

  • Box: compact version for small sites

  • Big Classic: for high throughput numbers.

More info

We are experienced experts... our partner specializes in this specific market. 

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