Virtual interactive karting simulator

i-Karter is a groundbreaking development for indoor karting. The position of every kart on the track is monitored continuously, which opens endless possibilities in safety, training and interactive fun.

As a racer

i-Karter opens up a new world to the indoor kart racer, also to be used at home. A few examples:

  • unprecedented feedback and insight on your performance (f.e. racing lines)

  • safety and timing system for karts

  • driving education and Mario Kart

  • re-race your heat ('ghost-opponent').

As a spectator

i-Karter offers new experiences for race spectators, whether they want to watch or be part of it:

  • virtual participation; also in real time

  • follow the race on a virtual track layout

  • live streams of the race

  • pop-up balloons with additional racer info.


i-Karter brings real racing challenges on the track and those on a game screen together:

  • challenge your friends on social media

  • virtually race on every i-Karter track in the world

  • build your own leagues with opponents worldwide

  • in game advertising.

More info

We are experienced experts... we built i-Karter ourselves, and are in the final stage of testing in our Lot66 leisure concept.

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