Laser tag

Lothian is reseller for Zone Laser Tag; the world's largest designer and manufacturer of laser tag systems. Zone's brands stand for innovation, reliability and the most economical systems in the market. 


High-end laser tag systems with the latest technology, that are above and beyond its competitors:

  • comfortable; soft mesh vest and no heavy harnas

  • experience; bright lights, sound and green laser

  • operation; easy (mobile) managing with diagnostics

  • service; reliable 24/7 support around the globe.


Playing Zone Laser Tag is a unique experience, which is not comparable to what you're used to:

  • global membership; compare yourself to the world

  • customize: numerous exciting game types to use

  • safety; soft materials and two-handed play

  • accessories; expand your arena - making it interactive.


There is a laser tag option for every leisure centre and every customer group:

  • for indoor centres: Helios CE and Helios Pro

  • portable, to use on location: Begeara

  • for outdoor fields: Markston Sports

  • accessories, software, shooting gallery etc.

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We are experienced experts... we use Zone ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept.

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