Escape room

Escape rooms have gotten extremely popular in a short period of time. Only rooms that stand out in original approach, theme-setting and amount of challenge will remain succesfull in the long run. Lothian can be of help!


Depending on your situation, we can assist and advise you in the creative process before you open:

  • budget; restrictions and options
  • theme; based on your goals and target group

  • story; how to create an experience 

  • planning; defining the steps and timing.


During the actual process of you or your team building the room, we can be consultant or manager:

  • lay-out; logical and challenging routing

  • construction; use of materials and technology

  • techniques; how to use them wise to attract

  • supervision; optimize the role of your crew.


We specialize in creating a great escape experience at the lowest possible cost, using:

  • in-house development of story and content

  • in- and outsourcing of services

  • smart supply of technology

  • smart supply of theme decoration.

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We are experienced experts... we designed, developed and built our escape rooms ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept.

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