Electro karts

The karts on your track are the heart of your business. The Italian OTL brand is simply the best choice in electro karts. Lothian is the OTL dealer for the Benelux countries and Northern Europe.

Why electric

Electric karting is the karting of the future, in every thinkable way:

  • economy; low running costs (maintenance, electricity costs, no ventilation system)

  • safety; every individual kart can be controlled

  • fun; extra features, that make karting exciting.


Since 1996, OTL has been focusing on two elements. Only electric karts, and only for the rental business:

  • reliability; built for intensive use for many years

  • protection; the only kart with a full rollbar

  • features; try out manual shifting on a rental kart

  • design; innovation is combined with good looks.

Also to consider

The choice for OTL electro karts is a clear one:

  • no emission; comfort for your customers and staff

  • green; responsible towards your environment

  • direct drive; no belt or chain

  • sound system; control by on-steer display


More info

We are experienced experts... we use OTL-karts ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept. Read more about:

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