Want to add an original, yet similar, concept to your existing race track? Want to offer your guests a different angle on karting? Give them the exciting opportunity to glide and slide on a drifting track.

What it is

Instead of racing on a concrete or asphalt floor, the karts drive on a low-grip surface:​

  • the surface is made of synthetic mats

  • the karts behave exactly like driving on snow

  • drifting is more about skills than about speed

  • normal karts can be used, without adjustments.


The synthetic mats that are used as surface:

  • are simple to install

  • can be used with electrical or fuel karts

  • are as good as maintenance free

  • cause almost no wear on karts or tires.

Also to consider

Drifting is a commercially very interesting concept:

  • relatively small spaces are required

  • attracts broad customer groups 

  • is safe and easy to manage

  • can be combined with a wide range of concepts.

More info

We are experienced experts... our partner has built many drifting tracks. Read more about:

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