Flying drones is now a family-friendly activity that’s as easy as riding a bike. ARCADRONE is a safe and fun experience using immersive and interactive gaming technology.


ARCADRONE is the next generation of interactive attractions for Location-Based Entertainment: FECs, leisure parks, arcade centers, retailtainment, and more.

The concept: 4 players take place around an arena in which their respective drone flies. Thanks to an ultra-efficient anti-collision system, playing ARCADRONE is completely safe and guaranteed without crash. Just have fun! With the arcade-style assisted piloting, flying drones is now a family-friendly activity that’s as easy as riding a bike..

We make flying drones easy, fun, and profitable

An unrivalled experience

Designed as a multigame platform, ARCADRONE opens the way to an endless renewal of experiences. Natively included, the acclaimed drone battle game RotorPunch pushes the interactions between drones and favors spectacular moves in the 3 dimensions. Based on the “easy to play, hard to master” principle, regular players will be able to develop team strategies and break the highest score.

An eye-catching drone show

Spectators are not left behind: even better they can also get a piece of the action. The physical drones flying, synchronized with sound and lights, and the dedicated spectator view allow guests to “live” the game with the players.

A versatile platform

ARCADRONE’s flexibility allows to build multiple offerings such as one-game sales, experience packs, tournaments, for all types of audiences: corporate events, birthday parties/special events, friends and families, etc.

Everyone, from young children to great-grandparents enjoys playing ARCADRONE!

A turnkey solution

ARCADRONE is designed for simple and profitable operation. Thanks to an intuitive operating software, handling the daily operations is as easy as a click on a tablet. Furthermore, a patented robotics system which changes and charges drone batteries automatically removes the need for dedicated staff. ARCADRONE integrates seamlessly into any park or FEC location ensuring high ROI and low operating costs.

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